Encik Sofian Bin Salleh

Encik Sofian Bin Salleh currently holds the position of General Manager at Delta Perdana Sdn. Bhd. has a good reputation for managing the company towards greater excellence. UiTM graduates in Civil Engineering have a lot of experience working as a Human Resource Assistant at Shell Malaysia Berhad, Project Manager at TNJ Teamwork Sdn Bhd & also held the position of Senior Manager with Damini Corporation Sdn. Bhd. His experience indirectly helped a lot in the development of the company's management operations.



Puan Tunku Zafura Binti Tunku Mohamad Mokhtar

With a lot of experienced as an Account Manager at Damini Corporation Sdn Bhd, she has also been involved with several well-known companies in Financial Management such as Berkat Shahpadu Sdn Bhd, Orient Vacations Sdn Bhd, Sri Damansara Sdn Bhd & Cyber Business Sdn Bhd makes her very organized & competitive in managing finances and administration at Delta Perdana Perdana Sdn Bhd. Currently, Tunku Zafura holds the position of Assistant General Manager I.



Encik Muhamad Fazley Bin Rosli

Encik Muhamad Fazley Bin Rosli is a UiTM graduate in Mechanical Engineering. Had extensive experienced in engineering field and has works as an engineer & assistant manager at Kawasaki Motors (M) Sdn Bhd. He also holds an important position as Manager at Damini Corporation Sdn Bhd before his present position as Assistant General Manager II at Delta Perdana Sdn Bhd. His experience in engineering helps a lot in day-to-day operations in the manufacturing department.