Managing Director Statement

I am proud to present the beginning of history from the inception of establishment of the company until to its latest success. Delta Perdana Sdn. Bhd is a subsidiary of Damini Corporation Sdn. Bhd. is one of the most competitive bumiputera companies in Malaysia. Established in 2005 with the complete facility capacity of a factory in Mahsing Industrial Area, Shah Alam. The company manufactures & supplies water meters to all states in Malaysia & also in the Southeast Asian region.

In the early stages of the establishment of the company, various challenges that we have gone through in an effort to elevate the company towards a more competitive with non-bumiputera companies. In the effort towards that, the company is working hard with government agencies in obtaining certification with SIRIM Malaysia in the rating effort towards ISO certification companies. With the certification, it can ensure that the water meter products produced in Delta Perdana meet domestic standards & meet the needs of foreign countries by proving that the quality produced is comparable or better with existing local products.

With local expertise in R&D, we have successfully obtained pioneer award status in April 2006 in the development of local water meter manufacturing. The biggest achievement of our company managed to make the sale of water meters in the local market almost 60%. This success cannot be achieved without the support of various parties including government and private bodies.

After 2 years of the company operating, there was a revolution in the water meter manufacturing industry. Advances in engineering have produced meters with composite plastic materials. The products produced are equivalent in quality, strength & durability to the brass type water meters available in the market as a result of research and development of initiatives using local expertise and design.

In addition, I am proud of the success of this company in the recognition of ISO 9001:2015 from SIRIM Malaysia and also the ISO/IEC 17025 certificate by the Department of Standards Malaysia. With this certificate, proves the quality of water meters produced by Delta Perdana Sdn. Bhd. is high quality.

Had been in operation for 15 years, I believe and very confident that the company is able to produce better quality water meters with the facilities of high-tech machines and comply with water meter testing according to the standards set by the "Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara" [SPAN]. With the various awards we have received has proven that the company is able to grow further in the future.

I pray and hope that the company's performance is always at its best to give a new light to choose Delta Perdana Sdn. Bhd one of the companies that is the main choice of local state water supply companies, especially in Malaysia.